Our Brands

PREMIUM QUALITY replacement parts for VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Opel and other leading manufacturers

For over 30 years we have continued to honour our brands, and through decades of product knowledge, we ensure that we continue to source the highest quality, reliable and affordable products that our customers can trust and purchase with confidence.

Each of our brands represents the Global Parts values of innovation, affordability, and reliability, and all our products carry a full 12-month warranty (excluding electrical parts)


Reelcar specializes in the production of high-quality auto ignition coils that are suitable for all major vehicle brands sold throughout Europe, America and the Middle East. We are proud to be the nominated distributor in Africa for this extensive range.

    • Coil Packs
    • Ignition Coils
    • Pencil Coils

Cool Tec

Extensive range of reputable quality cooling system products

    • Cooling Fans
    • Cooling Hoses & Pipes
    • Expansion Tanks
    • Expansion Tank Caps
    • Oil Coolers
    • Thermostats
    • Water Flanges
    • Water Pumps




Comprehensive range of electrical and electronic parts

    • Air Mass Sensors
    • Distributors
    • Distributor Caps
    • HT Lead Sets
    • Position Sensors
    • Relays & Switches
    • TCI Units




Mechanical and engine products supported by our 12 month manufacturing warranty

    • Breather Hoses
    • Door Handles & Locks
    • Fan Clutches
    • Mountings
    • Power Steering Pumps
    • Propshaft Couplings & Hangers
    • Suspension Parts
    • Timing Gears
    • Timing & Vee Belt Tensioners


Full range of hydraulic parts backed by our 12 month manufacturing warranty

    • Brake Master Cylinders
    • Clutch Master Cylinders
    • Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearings
    • Slave Cylinders
    • Wheel Cylinders



Our strategic German partner for OEM quality parts for VW, BMW, Mercedes Benz and other vehicles



Comprehensive range of OEM quality German engineered spare parts, specialising in BMW and Mercedes Benz


Wide range of high quality electric ignition parts ensuring durability, correct electrical voltage and temperature control

    • Coil Packs
    • Ignition Coils
    • Pencil Coils


Oil Seals



Innovative technology supports our reliable extensive range of electrical fuel pumps that are manufactured to OEM quality.  Our entire fuel pump range carries an 18 month warranty.

    • Electric Fuel Pumps
    • Modules & Inserts



Quality range of mixed guaranteed products



Diverse range of product offerings, consisting of electric parts, hard parts, thermostats and relays as well as a quality range of water pumps



Large quality range of Taxi parts specialising in Quantum and HiAce


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